Monogamy game steamy cards

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By the sounds of the description and comments, a lot of people are quite shy and giggly about it - at least the first time - so I don't think you'd 'ruin' it for him! I think the fact you bought the game and want to play it with him would be pretty awesome for him and he loves you so will be understanding if you're a bit embarrassed by it. Netmums Forum:. Monogamy - the game too shy? A place to discuss contraception and sexual health with other Netmums.

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These Games For Couples Make Planning Date Night Way Easier

Jennifer R The reviews says it helps shy people come out of their shells has anyone got this or played it what are you thoughts? Your browser cannot play this video. Felicity G If you want to get it and you think he'd like it I think you should go for it. Could you maybe leave it wrapped with a gift tag somewhere you know he'll find it if he goes to work before you you could leave it in the kitchen the night before so he'll see it when having breakfast the next day, or you could pop it on the front seat of his car if he drives etc.

Jodie C Its not really a case of giving it to him its the worry of what the cards will say and if ill just ruin it for him. Post quoted 2 times. We have this! Haven't played it for a while though Neither me or my OH are particularly confident about our bodies but the game really eases you in and relaxes you.

Best to be in a warm room though Theres some stripping involved. All in all it's pretty good though! I do recommend going through the fantasy cards at the beginning and taking out any cards you and your partner either aren't comfortable with or dont have the "tools" necessary to complete the fantasy.

You could also do with a few drinks and some "sexy food" as there are plenty of spaces for eating sexily and topping up drinks. Sent from my GT-S using Netmums mobile app. I'm starting to quite like the sound of this game!

No good for this year as I'm all pregnant and unsexy right now. But by this time next year LO should hopefully be in a good routine and - fingers crossed - I'll have my figure back so maybe an idea for then. I have played this with my ex. Pretty hot time was had.

Fingers in places they have never been before for both of usMonogamy — A hot affair… with your partner is an 18 rated board game for couples of all ages. It does not disappoint with the title, its well packaged with a clear description on the back of the box making it a good choice for couples wanting to explore their intimate and sexual relationship on a number of levels that they are comfortable with.

The game is for two players and should last around 90 minutes but can go on for a short or long of a time that you want to. The game is great at all levels, for a couple who just want a fun evening, maybe a little intimacy or a really hot and steamy night.

Monogamy has got it all. Inside the box is a colourful and easy to navigate board along with two counters. With the counters there are a number of coloured rings to allow the couple to know which level they are on. The instructions are well written and very clear, allowing the game to start almost straight the way. Each level is to be played twice though couples can opt to keep playing one level or go quickly to the naughty fun. Intimate pink level is where the play begins, this level allows the couple to really get to know each other and their thoughts about each other and relationships in general.

The level creates the intimacy that relaxes you into the game and helps to reduce the nervousness of trying new things.

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This level explores in words what you think about your partner, what qualities you love about them and the form of the opposite sex. Sensual discussion really helps to create a sense of getting to know each other on an intimate mind level despite how long you have been in a relationship with each other. Go round the board on this level twice, talk to your partner and see how different that is to everyday life conversations. Even whilst in intimate talk you continue around the board, landing on the other squares, maybe having to take off a piece of clothing or give your partner a massage.

Let the intimacy take hold as you move along the board onto the Passionate purple level of the game…. The purple level will really get things moving upwards! Pick one of these cards and you may start to become physically teasing to your partner. Ice cubes, vibrator, maybe a blindfold could be needed for this section of the game.

So whether you are stripping off in front of your partner, teasing them all over with a vibrator or dancing closely let the purple passion take hold for two round and get your seatbelt on for the steamy level that lies ahead of you….

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When you have completed the first two levels you come to the red steamy cards. Land on these and you are in for some naughty fun.This post may contain affiliate links.

Read our disclosure page for full details. Even for the most devoted couple, evenings at home can become monotonous after a while. As fun as it is to read and watch TV together, sometimes you want something different. Here, we present a list of games that are just perfect for couples. Some of the games will help a couple learn more about each other and establish a greater emotional intimacy, while others will help turn on the physical and sexual energy.

And still others are good for a simple night of fun, ranging from strategy games to card games and more. Looking for romantic games for couples to play on a rainy day or a chilly winter night? Board games for a late night date night?

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Looking for some more romantic things to do? Sometimes, a board game can be an essential part of date night, taking your intimacy to new—more physical—levels. Here are some of the best couples games for a sexy date night, ranging from sweet, romantic games to more sexy games for two. These are excellent married couple board games, by the way! In essence, this game gets you communicating and physically interacting. Really, who can say no to something so sweet?

Remember playing truth or dare back in middle school? Well, this is like that, but way more adult! Couples looking for a fun new game that's really more of a list of racy ideas will enjoy this straightforward option. According to the description, this game is "provocative, yet approachable. If you're only going to pick out one game for two from this list, this option might be it! Talk Flirt Dare has really high ratings on Amazon, showcasing it as one of the best couples' games.

Choose from the Talk, Flirt, or Dare card stacks, based on whatever level your relationship is at. Dare cards are the most romantic and intense of the 3. You'll be given questions or prompts of things to talk about or do together. The Talk cards are tame enough that they can be used in group settings, perhaps at a party as ice breakers or with other couples on a group game night.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Although a date night at home spent playing board games with your partner might not necessarily sound like the most exciting evening, with the right games, you and your S. Instead, think sexy games specifically created for couples to enjoy together.

While it might feel silly to buy a romantic game for you and your partner, don't knock it until you try it. You never know when the game might come in handy, and they're just the thing to pull out on nights at home when the power is out or when you want to inject a bit of levity and excitement into your relationship.

Not only are they a good time, but they're also a chance for you and your special someone to connect on a level that perhaps you haven't in a while. Here, the best games for couples. Okay, so technically this isn't only for couples. But with over cards in the deck, you're bound to find questions that'll help you and your partner create an even deeper connection. Divided into three levels— perceptions, connection, and reflection—prompts range from television show preferences to maintaining eye contact for 30 seconds, and are designed to be played with players.

An intimate, sexy couples game meant to turn up the heat in your relationship, Monogamy is just the thing to help you and your partner get closer.

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With cards including categories such as Intimate, Passionate, Steamy, and Fantasy, it's all about trying new things together. This sexy board game is definitely worth a look for couples ready to connect with one another in a whole new way.

This game is all about starting conversations between you and your significant other. Complete with cards, each asking a question for you S. The thought-provoking cards are designed to bring you and your partner closer than ever, and is a perfect way to spice up your average date night in.

If there's something you've been wanting to know about your partner, this game is the perfect opportunity to find out. The Confessions Game includes dice and playing cards divided into five categories—money, career, family, relationships, and sex. Dirty Minds is a steamy game that gets everyone thinking. It can be played by two couples or with just you and your partner—either way, it's not intended for those who blush easily, although it is definitely one of the more tame couples games on this list.

Each card lists five suggestive clues describing a totally innocent word, and to win you have to get your head out of the gutter and come up with the correct "clean" answer. Based on the classic Loaded Questions board game, this adult version requires that you and your S. Meant to be played with two to three couples, the goal of the game is to figure out who said what to questions like "What is an instant mood killer?

The game is simple, but the conversations you may have with your S. Choose from cards in three different categories: Talk, Flirt, and Dare.

Think you know your partner pretty well? Think again.By leveraging C and other. NET languages on Microsoft and Mono platforms you can write modern, fast, and reliable game code. All the code is available to you ensuring you'll have the ability to make changes when you need to or even port to whole new platforms.

With s of shipped games we have built up a vibrant community of developers which use MonoGame for both fun and profit. Managed Code By leveraging C and other. Open-Source All the code is available to you ensuring you'll have the ability to make changes when you need to or even port to whole new platforms.

Community With s of shipped games we have built up a vibrant community of developers which use MonoGame for both fun and profit. Latest Posts. MonoGame 3. How do i play audio in monogame and what audio formats are supported?

ECS and Animated Sprites - where it all fell apart Memory Allocations on every call to SpriteBatch. Making a game with MonoGame, what does it take?

monogamy game steamy cards

Pixel shader help, order of tex2D matters? Looking for feedback regarding my Monogame based libraries. How to? Support MonoGame.Monopoly, the game that tends to last several hours. Set up your game board as normal. Each player should choose either red or green in addition to their token.

Give the hotels to the player who chose red and the houses to the player that chose green. Place the property action cards from the download file near the color groups of properties. Place the chance card and community chest card face up on the board in their spaces. Roll the dice and move just like regular Monopoly.

The trick comes when you buy properties.

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Instead of taking the property deed card, place your house or hotel on the property to indicate its yours. These actions can be bought by the owner when their spouse is on the space. You may pay your spouse to do any one action on the card, but only one. Note that this different than regular Monopoly, in which the person who lands on the space pays the owner.

If the spouse lands on your property and you have no money, then nothing happens.

monogamy game steamy cards

If you land on your own property nothing happens. Note that there are special action cards for Electric Company and Water Works with slightly different rules.

These can be edited, but in the default version Chance gives you a chance at a special free action. Community Chest is all about…well the chest. These actions can be played by either spouse, or on the female only if the husband is not particularly interested in chest play. For jail, it is suggested that you find an special activity that is not typical for your spouse to do that you enjoy. If you want to get in the spirit of things, you may also handcuff or tie up their wrists while they are in jail.

If you want to play to achieve an actual winner, then per-determine the amount of rounds before stopping. Count the money and that is the winner. The Monogamy cards are available in an editable and non-editable version. I strongly suggest you download the editable MS Excel version so that you can customize the game for you and your spouse.

PDF Version. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Have a hot affair with your partner!

The brilliantly clever Monogamy game begins with a loving gaze into each other's eyes and doesn't stop until a breathtaking fantasy is made real. A game designed for couples with over seductive ideas and three levels of play, Monogamy focuses on the communication between a couple bringing out their inner most thoughts and desires.

The result is around 90 minutes of exciting, at times hilarious, but always exhilarating adult play. Grab this game to create nights with your partner you'll never forget. Was this helpful? Yes No. Already a member? Log in. Features: Creative Conceptions Monogamy A hot affair with your partner Game includes: 1 playing board 65 Intimate cards 65 Passionate cards 65 Steamy cards 50 Fantasy cards 2 player's pieces 1 die 12 level pieces Instructions Includes over novel and fun ideas at three levels of play Will have you loving, lusting and laughing with just a few throws of the die Winner can choose to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies For years 18 and over For two players only Gameplay time approximately 90 minutes Dimensions approx.

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monogamy game steamy cards